U sklopu kolegija Dizajn i kriza na Tekstilnom odsjeku u Bihaću će kao predavačice gostovati profesorice sa Akademije za likovnu umjetnost i dizajn iz Ljubljane — Barbara Predan i Petra Černe Oven. One će na Tekstilnom odsjeku održati predavanje Design education in a post-industrial society i radionicu namijenjenu studentima TOBI-ja Thinking toward the university of new ideas: A confrontation with everything that is. Radni jezik je engleski.


Predavanje će biti održano na Tehničkom fakultetu Univerziteta u Bihaću u četvrtak 18. maja u 13.00h u Svečanoj sali (prizemlje). Predavanje je otvoreno za studente svih godina Tekstilnog odsjeka i širu javnost.

Design education in a post-industrial society

Education is constantly put to the test; its pursuit of the path of empowerment for the coming generations is subjected to critical review. For quite some time now, one of the key issues has been the dilemma of whether to “create” a passive or active student. Passive students who are educated with the classical method are presented with claims, while active and independent students using the intellectual emancipation method are presented with questions – or, better yet, with challenges. The process of solving these challenges allows the students – if nothing else – to adopt (their own) methods and tools. To check this theory in practice, we will be looking at a selection of practical examples, as well as the brave new world – the undertaking of designing tomorrow's society. These designing solutions will be the result of current generations of design students.


Thinking toward the university of new ideas: A confrontation with everything that is

Death is omnipresent. However, talking about death is usually reduced to a few clichés. Lacan warns that the regularity of death not only sustains us but actually enables us to be able to bear all this life we have. What’s more, it often serves as a driving force. The driving force in solving problems. For it is the existence of problems that could be labelled as the prerequisite for human existence. It is for this very reason that studying death is essential in the field of design. We live in a world permeated by nihilism and relativism (both better known as feelings of inability and indifference). They negate the notion of designers as those who express doubts, seek, and resist the restricting status quo. And who, by doing so, think the alternative. Think the future. Think new ideas. They are thus a driving force in a world permeated by finality, but also immortality.

Barbara Predan is design theoretician, designer and design educator. She is Assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.
Petra Černe Oven is a designer, associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, and researcher on typography, information design and visual communication design.